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Brazil newspapers ran an article on On The Road and featured Garrett as Dean.

“Walter Salles goes back to road movies”

The filmaker shows parts of On The Road, an upcoming documentary

The documentary it’s a journey through cinema’s history

The fictional feature film, which is in preproduction, will have the actor Garrett Hedlund in the cast

The movie it’s the starting point to the adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s book; Coppola owns the rights since 1979

Article by Ana Paula Sousa (Folha de São Paulo)

The filmmaker Walter Salles took the launch of ‘Na Estrada – O Cinema de Walter Salles’ written by journalist Marcos Strecker, to bring to light parts of the documentary “On The Road”, ‘ sort of a test’ for a project with a bit of epicness.

“The only way of doing this film, was doing it before a documentary in search of this film.” Says the director in an exposition, which happened Wednesday, in São Paulo. “I wanted to reach every director who had contact with this film” he says. And it wasn’t just a few names and ideas.

The rights about the Jack Kerouac’s epic book are owned since 1979 by Francis Ford Coppola. Dennis Hopper, Gus Van Sant, and even Jean-Luc Godard were involved. And they ran away. “There was a time we even though about making this movie in Russia” says Coppola, giving the dimension of the delirium that were around the adaptation. To make it possible, Salles thought that is was needed to understand the sense of the road movie before.

He goes back to his own movie fanaticism to explain the gender. “I started watching movies in Paris, as a kid. I didn’t like the town and the cinema was my escape possibility” he says “The cinema opened doors for me. And that take us to the origin of the road movie”
The road movie, according to Salles, gets born with directors that in times of silent films “mapped the physical and human geography” until then, unknown.

Paste the camera into the characters that are moving in a space, still is, a manner to discover the identity of a country and a society. The westerns did this. “Sem Destino” (1969) with Dennis Hopper also did this. And that is what On The Road will try to find. The parts of Walter Salles’ documentary On The Road, are in first place, and adventure through cinema’s history and for it’s possible languages.

We know, for example, that it was through a documentary that Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975) found the faces and landscapes of the fiction “O Evangelho Segundo Sào Mateus” It was also born the first real captured images for “Dong”, the beautiful movie “Em Busca da Vida”, by Jia Zhang-ke. Having as a starting point a village’s destruction for the construction of a barrage, the Chinese moviemaker made a movie about the identity’s dilution in a contemporary world.

“People know what they are through the place they live. When you’re on the road, in a trip, you sort of live a non-identity life.” Says moviemaker Win Wenders, to Walter Salles camera’s lenses. “On the road, you belong to the world.”

Article translation by af3rr

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29 May, 2010

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3 Responses to “Garrett Hedlund will bring Dean Moriarty to life”

Comment by KAri
In May 29, 2010 @ 4:05 pm

hey I have more information about this. here is the website( you can even search for the author. I try to find the same article to translate it but couldn’t find it. But I didn’t know Kirsten Stewart was attach to the movie.
This is what I got.
The adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s book is the most ambitious and risky work that Walter Salles has made so far. The importance of the book to the American culture to the people involved, it becomes the grand design.

Mark hopes that this is a great success and looks at how the production was slow to leave the paper. He points out that some of the issues that have hampered the acceptance by the studios because of the requirement to be a movie authoring and choice of actors previously unknown. For the journalist, the fact that Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund, having burst shows the intelligence of Walter Salles.


Comment by moviebookfreak101
In May 30, 2010 @ 1:24 am

can’t wait!


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