Jay West, who is a frequent contributor at The Tron Sector and a columnist for The LA Times Hero Complex column, interviewed Steven Lisberger and Joe Kosinski at an event to celebrate the release of Tron Legacy on DVD and Blu-Ray. Here are some excerpts and you can read the entire interview and watch a video of the event HERE

JW: The “Tron: Legacy” Blu-ray has a unique feature that allows viewers to access behind the scenes content on an iPad — as well as on laptops and desktop computers — while you watch the movie on your TV or projection system: the “Second Screen” feature. What are your thoughts about this feature?

SL: I’m really happy about the interactive features. In my dream world, the whole “Tron” universe would be fully interactive. You’d have the ability to move through it and interact with it. To see the great job that they’ve done in making “Tron: Legacy” as interactive as it is on the Blu-ray, it’s really cool. I’m blown away! I wish I had that on the first film.

JK: Yeah, for people who are interested in how these things are made, you get a taste of the amount of work that goes into each one of these shots. All the way from storyboard to final scene, you get to see how ideas and designs evolve, so I’m really impressed with the amount of material that they’ve put in there… I mean, even concept things that I threw out, but somehow made it into the “second screen” experience — it’s cool to see that.

JW: What deleted concepts did you enjoy discovering on the second screen feature?

JK: We had this scene where Sam (Garrett Hedlund) caught Quorra  (Olivia Wilde) undressing in her bedroom, which didn’t make it into the film. I noticed there’s a little concept art from that scene on the “second screen,” which I thought was funny.

Click on the picture to see a bigger version

JW:  Now that you’re revisiting the movie on Blu-ray, what is your favorite scene or sequence?

JK: I really love the escape route sequence, which is basically from the moment that Quorra picks Sam up in the Light Runner to the point they get to Flynn’s (Bridges) hideout. That whole musical track (by Daft Punk) and escape from the Lightcycle grid was one I got to go back to at Skywalker and really remix because I never got the orchestra to sound exactly like I wanted, and now I think it’s probably my favorite sequence. We just went back in January and basically remixed the whole movie and fixed about 100 things that were bugging me — whether it was missing sound elements or things were mis-timed, or the mix was a little bit off. I got the opportunity to go back and really tweak it out, which was really gratifying.

JW: What were some of the main moments that you wanted changed that people can listen  for?

JK: A lot of the “derezzes” — we upped the impact, the screams… just to make them a little more visceral. We changed the music mix on the Solar Sailer sequence. Some of the effects were off at the portal — they were kind of mis-timed. And then, just pushing the low end (bass) on a lot of stuff… this Blu-ray will really put your home theater system to the test because it’s a massive, massive mix. It’s a great reason to go out there and upgrade your system!

SL: Favorite scene or sequence? From “Tron: Legacy” — the portal where Sam Flynn does the right thing and puts the disc over his head, which I think echoes Alan and Tron communicating at the I/O Tower in the first film. For me, the cornerstone of “Tron” is the relationship between users and programs, which is symbolic of trying to communicate and get in touch with the highest version of yourself — that heroic moment, and when that connection gets made. I love the way that works in both films… and then of course, the Lightcycles, which no one really expected were going to become as iconic as they have, and I’ve thought about it, and I guess what it really is a symbol of is sort of the coolest, sexiest version of man becoming one with his technology… and the speed and everything that comes with that technology is embodied in that Lightcycle.

EB: Wow… it’s like saying which is your favorite child… You know, I told Joe this when I saw a rough cut — for me, and it’s probably because I didn’t have to see it 190 times — my favorite sequence is still the safe house sequence — when Sam gets to meet his father that he hasn’t seen for a long, long time. It has the least amount of visual effects in it, so I didn’t have to constantly go over every pixel of it, and I felt like that’s the emotional center of the film.  I love the disc game sequence, I love the Lightcycles — and I think the light jets sequence looks fantastic — it’s like being a kid in a candy store… and I love the return to Tron City with Sam’s riding the old Lightcycle. That looks really great. I’m biased!

JW: In the bonus feature, “The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed,” on the “Tron: Legacy” Blu-ray, there’s a 10-minute, epilogue-type of film to the “Tron: Legacy” movie and some additional hidden “Easter egg” film bits. Among those is an instant messaging chat session between the Dillingers that leads one to believe that they’ll be in “Tron 3.” What can you tell me about these epilogue elements and when were they filmed?

JK: Some of it was filmed while we were shooting the movie — some of it was filmed after. The “Tron” universe is so much bigger than “Legacy” — we’ve designed a whole mythology that connects the two films, but also expands beyond it — so “The Next Day” film was an opportunity to tell some of those parallel stories and talk a little bit about the events that happened right after the end of our film and laid the groundwork for some exciting “springboard” stories that could come in future chapters, the Dillingers being an important one. That was established with the first film (with David Warner as Ed Dillinger/Sark ), and we got to keep that alive with Ed Dillinger Jr. (Cillian Murphy) in the ENCOM boardroom in “Legacy.” I think that is going to be an important part of the next chapter.

JW: Where does “Tron 3″ stand at this point?

JK: We’re pulling together ideas. We’ve got some ideas we’re really excited about. Obviously, we hinted at a lot of opportunities at the end of our film in that final scene between Sam and Quorra. We’re at the script stage, and we want to develop the right story and the right script and make sure we can get the right team together for Disney to make that decision sometime in the future.

SL: We really have a lot of work to do to see what’s possible… but I have, as you know, a great deal of faith in the Users. It’s a challenge. As one of the creative people involved with it, it’s our job to put something in front of Disney that Disney can’t say “no” to, but it’s their decision. There’s so many threads that can be picked up on now. A lot of the hard work has been done to get to this point and now it’s time to capitalize on it if we get a chance.


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‘Tron’ directors talk Lightcycles, Blu-ray and what’s next
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10 May, 2011

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i love tron the movie&pls..maintain the GP wholesome story….i love it when Garrett is just so wholesome coz it makes him really cute&hotter!!!


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