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Name: Jessi
Website: n/a
Date: 05 Sep 14 01:43am
Hey Garrett, my dear😉happy Birthday and all the Best to your 30.!greetings from your good old German-Fan Jessiiii, i hope you enjoy your Day...let's party ...Big Kissssses muahhhhhh....Jessi Peace....
Name: Eric I
Website: n/a
Date: 03 Sep 14 10:36pm
Hey Garrett hope you have a relaxing birthday with your loved ones. Wow 30 years old; you're getting old man! Just kidding. It was pleasure meeting you on the set of Lullaby a few years ago and hope to see you again on day. Happy Birthday!
Name: Jacqueline
Website: n/a
Date: 02 Sep 14 11:46pm
Happy Birthday Garrett!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)
Name: Megan
Website: n/a
Date: 02 Sep 14 11:05pm
Happy Birthday, Garrett!

Best wishes to you this upcoming year. I hope you have one of the greatest birthdays today. Can’t wait to see what ‘Pan’ will look like. I’m also eagerly awaiting ‘Unbroken’ this winter. Your performance in ‘Lullaby’ earlier this summer was incredibly moving and relatable. It helped me out so much. Hopefully you’ll continue to do even more fulfilling projects in 2015. As always I’m proud to be following your film career and wish you great success and happiness. All the best.

Name: Ashley C
Website: www
Date: 03 Sep 14 05:40pm
Dear Garrett,

Though I know you’ll probably never see this, I want you to know how much your life and work means to me. You are by far my favorite actor of all time. All of your movies have become my favorites. They have helped me through many a hard time. You never cease to inspire me. Though the world knows so little of the real Garrett, there are so many that love you. I want you to know that no matter what happens or where your life takes you, I will have your back. I hope you have the best birthday imaginable.
Name: Samanta
Website: n/a
Date: 03 Sep 14 04:45pm

in this special day, i wish you good health to continue working wonderfully and make me happy to watch it, much peace and all the happiness in the world. I also do birthday this week, 24 :)

I really hope I can meet you one day.

Much love from Brazil, Sam
Name: Amanda
Website: n/a
Date: 03 Sep 14 02:38pm
Happy Birthday Garrett! Welcome to your 30s. Hope your day is wonderful.
Name: Colby
Website: n/a
Date: 03 Sep 14 12:33pm
Hey, Garrett! Stopping by again to wish you a happy birthday and the best in everything you do! Have a wonderful day!
Name: Simone
Website: n/a
Date: 03 Sep 14 11:08am
Happy 30th birthday, man - hope you have a good one! Best wishes from Brazil :)
Name: Juliana
Website: n/a
Date: 03 Sep 14 08:20am
Happy birthday, Garrett!

Have a good one!