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Interview with Andrew Levitas:

JJ: What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome as a first-time director?

AL: Getting the finances together to make a film as ambitious and challenging as Lullaby. After that I was so incredibly blessed to have the absolute best artists in front and behind the camera.

JJ: What was your most memorable off-screen moment with the cast?

AL: I had held it together the entire shoot but after we wrapped Robert’s (Richard Jenkins) death scene, I quietly slipped away from set and completely broke down. I thought I was alone, but when I looked up Garrett, Terrence and the rest of the cast were there with open arms to pick me up. They had followed me out, knowing too well what I was going through… I will never forget the love and compassion they shared with me in those moments.

JJ: What was your favorite lullaby as a kid and why?

AL: Brahms Lullaby. It set the table for my musical tastes.


Lullaby - New Stills
12 Jun, 2014


This scene of a Passover meal from a hospital bed is the strangest of uplifting film moments.

Richard Jenkins stars as an ailing patriarch inLullaby, a man about to stop treatment for terminal cancer. One of his final meals is with his wife (Anne Archer), son (Garrett Hedlund) and daughter (Jessica Brown Findlay).

It’s also one of the first family moments the group has shared in years, with a visiting police officer joining in the meal.

“It’s a beautiful moment for them,” says Lullaby director/writer Andrew Levitas. “It’s making good memories up until the end. It’s not dark. It’s a family sitting around having one of the nicer meals they have ever had together. Even considering the circumstances.

“It’s the point of all of this,” Levitas adds, explaining a driving Lullaby theme. “There are so many dark and scary things in this world. But if you can connect with family and find love, even bad things don’t feel so bad.”

There is plenty of bad in this ultimately positive tale of a financially rich but broken family whose members have been torn apart by illness for years. It opens June 13.

The film follows successful business leader Robert (Jenkins), who decides to take himself off life support after a decade of illness. But it’s mostly seen through the eyes of his troubled son, Jonathan (Tron: Legacy’s Hedlund).

“This is a hero’s journey for Jonathan, which is central to the story,” Levitas says. “We’re basically watching someone who has been lost for years find himself.”

Levitas says viewers will see a very different side of Hedlund, who was last seen in a memorable cameo for Inside Llewyn Davis. In Lullaby, he lashes out onstage, performing in a rock band and in his personal life.

Meanwhile, Jenkins instantly makes himself sympathetic while trying to pull his family together in the final hours of his life. “Richard is just the kind of father so many people wish they could have,” Levitas says. “He shows it’s never too late to reclaim your life.”

The cast is filled with great actors pulled together by Levitas, including Archer andDownton Abbey‘s Findlay. Terrence Howard stars as a sympathetic hospital doctor, and Jennifer Hudson is a scene-stealing nurse.

Meanwhile, Amy Adams managed to make time in her schedule to play Jonathan’s ex-girlfriend.

“People were passionate about this story and believed in what we were saying,” Levitas says. “Amy showed up and did her thing.”

Jenkins’ character might not find his miracle cure. But once again, the strangely uplifting mode kicks in for the on-screen family man.

“At the end of his life, Richard is surrounded by people he loves, and he’s able to smile, knowing he has lived a great life,” Levitas says. “He knows he has had the life he wanted. That’s how he finishes it. We should all be so lucky.”


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Lullaby Sneak Peak
11 Apr, 2014

Only one month to go!


It’s cold out, he doesn’t have a winter coat, his record label isn’t pushing his solo record, the folk scene is changing around him and his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. Things aren’t going so well for Llewyn Davis but through thick and thin, the musician has his music and it’s the thread that strings together “Inside Llewyn Davis,” the Coen brothers’ beautifully, hilariously melancholy look at one artist trying to break through.

And today we’re happy to unveil an exclusive, brand new clip from the movie, one that highlights Oscar Isaac’s terrific, Spirit Award-nominated performance that requires both musical dexterity and an understanding of his character’s particular plight. In this scene, Llewyn Davis has hit the road with an unlikely pair—an ornery jazz musician (John Goodman) and his minder/driver (a near silent Garrett Hedlund)—on his way to audition for a gig that could change his career. But his company for the drive is prickly at best, and while he sings the folk standard “Green Green Rocky Road” sweetly, his face betrays his true thoughts about his traveling companions.

It’s a scene that’s wistful and funny all at once, and indicative of the tone of the film in which “the Coens celebrate the hard road that can inspire great art.”


Inside Llewyn Davis - New Clip & Still
26 Nov, 2013

Must be our lucky day! :) Thanks GH Fans France!



The film finds Hedlund as Tom, a writer-director battling depression and his loathing for Hollywood’s more vapid corners. Deciding on the spur of the moment to head out to the desert, he comes into contact with a man he can’t quite fathom, the drifter Jack, played by Isaac. “Tom’s a complicated guy,” explains Hedlund when Empire meets him in his trailer. “The first scene sees him waking up in Los Angeles and driving straight to the desert, so you don’t know anything about this character. Ambiguity is a huge part of this as well. He’s obviously running from something very mentally torturous or just the incredibly, overbearingly exhausting part of his life, which you come to find is the industry in which he’s in. So he has to get the f**k out of LA, clear his head, there are a lot of things going on. He’s going through a demented point in his life trying to escape. What I’ve always said about this is it’s man goes to the desert to kill the devil within himself and ends up bringing it back with him, within Jack. He’s sedated the devil within himself and brings back the physical form of the devil…” If that’s not enough of a killer selling point for the film, we don’t know what is.

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More Mojave Movie Stills - What!?
07 Nov, 2013