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Garrett is on the cover of the newest issue of Flaunt Magazine. There is an article as well as a great new photoshoot.

Fifteen Ways of Looking at Garrett Hedlund
A Heartfelt Unpeeling Process



The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.
It was a small part of the pantomime.
—Wallace Stevens, from “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”


It’s good to have Garrett Hedlund standing next to you upon discovering a brunch reservation is required and no brunch reservation has in fact been made. They’ll seat you anyway. You can brunch anywhere.


Perhaps best known as the face of the Tron sequel, 29-year-old Garrett Hedlund is that strange and beatific embodiment of Hollywood lore, the flesh-and-blood protagonist of an old tale, that of the dreamy Midwest farm boy with stars in his eyes, looking to make good on big-screen aspirations.

At 14, he left his father’s remote cattle farm in Wannaska, Minnesota and began heading west. First, to his mother’s digs in Phoenix, Arizona, where, over the next couple years, he became an unabashed cold-caller of agents and managers, repeatedly taking the ninety-minute flight to Burbank for any audition he could get.

Then he swam out to the deep end—drove to Los Angeles. Within two weeks of moving, the script for Troy fell into his lap. All that paddling apparently paid off. Rather than sink or swim, Hedlund seems to be coasting on a deluxe inflatable with built-in beer koozies.


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Flaunt Magazine - Fifteen Ways Of Looking At Garrett
10 Jul, 2014

A thousand and one thank yous to my friend Juliana for translating the article from the March issue of L’Optimum Style for us! Juliana did a fantastic job with this and if you repost this anywhere else, please give credit to both her and

And last but not least, magazine is on newsstands now in France and can be purchased HERE or downloaded digitally HERE.


From the farm to the movies, the history of this new “Hollywood darling” already has every bit of the American dream. With his appearance à la James Dean, with whom Garrett Hedlund also shares some biographic characteristics, the ambassador of La Nui de l’Homme, of Yves Saint Laurent, becomes untouchable. Will he get the big role that will seal his destiny?

What’s the main point in common between the Coen brothers and Garrett Hedlund, who got a role in their last movie, Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), in which the young actor of 29 years-old plays a mysterious road pal? Tip: That comes from the past, to a place where it’s pretty chilly. The right answer is that all the three of them are from Minnesota, a rural State on the north of the United States, around 3.000 kilometers from Hollywood. There’s nothing glamorous there (like Fargo, a dark comedy by Ethan and Joel Coen set in Minnesota and North Dakota, might lead us to believe), its cereal fields and cruel winters don’t stimulate its habitants to pursue a carrier in the cinema. Especially when, like Garrett Hedlund, one grows up in a farm not far from the Canadian border. But when you are a handsome young man, tall, slim, blonde and with blue eyes that you know how to use to make a bad boy look like a charming snake, then you can start on dreaming…

I didn’t grow up watching many movies: there was only a little movie theater there, I must have gone two or three times, and then we didn’t have many TV channels at the farm. The fact of not being saturated by all of that, never having too much of that, made it even more fascinating, I wanted to be part of it, or at least to dream to be able to”, he explains. “I decided not to listen to those who wanted to ruin the dream, which made me to be a little lonely”, he tells and a quote from Albert Einstein comes handy (“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”, or something like that.)

So, he, the little poor boy from the Midwest, wanted to abandon his place and his farm-boy boots, other trait that can be used to compare him to James Dean or even Brad Pitt, to whom he’s frequently compared to. James Dean didn’t, in fact, have a father who was a farmer in Indiana? And Brad Pitt, didn’t he grow up in the Missouri in a conservative family, before he got emancipated? Right, but Garrett doesn’t have yet his Rebel Without a Cause or his Legends of the Fall to put him in the rank of new sex symbol and to turn him into the girls’ idol. While he waits, he has already taken steps.  “When I [moved to] Arizona at 14 years old (to join his mother – ed) there was no more than a state that separated me from California”, tells Garrett. Before going through those 600 kilometers that separated him from the glory, he decided to take acting classes, paying 80 dollars/hour (his Wikipedia page says 60, but maybe he counts the interests rates) with a personal coach to recite the monologues. A big expense, whatever it is, for a young man who couldn’t afford books or a “lectic” (meaning electric) guitar, according to the expression he had written, as a kid, on a gift list to Santa.

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28 Feb, 2014


The magazine is on newsstands now in France. It can be purchased internationally HERE and digitally HERE.

Garrett On Cover of L'Optimum Style
27 Feb, 2014


Garrett Hedlund is hungry for acting glory

HAVING lost 16 kilos for Angelina Jolie’s World War Two drama, Unbroken, Garrett Hedlund is understandably looking forward to a big meal.

Sitting down exclusively with Confidential yesterday, the Hollywood actor said he currently weighed in at 69kgs.

“We are playing prisoners of war and so we’ve been on these crazy diets,” explained Hedlund, noting his favourite Sydney restaurant as Mr Wong.

“I haven’t been this thin since eighth grade. With all the weight loss, I’m just excited to eat. “When I phone home, all I can say is I’m excited for Christmas so I can eat.”

Unbroken is the true life story of former Olympic runner Louis Zamperini, who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during the second world war.

Hedlund, 29, plays prisoner John Fitzgerald in the Jolie directed flick, that has been shooting in Australia the past month.

Production has been based between the Gold Coast and Sydney, where they’ve filmed at Fox Studios as well as on a construction site in Ultimo and Cockatoo Island.

“It is pretty special to get a water taxi to work,” said Hedlund, who wasn’t able to attend the annual GQ Australia Man of the Year Awards last month but was belatedly presented his International Man of the Year title at the weekend.

“It is a great way to start the day, having your morning coffee and then you get into the war zone.”

Unbroken also stars Domhnall Gleeson, Jai Courtney, Alex Russell, Jack O’Connell and Luke Treadaway.

Hedlund, who dates fellow actor Kirsten Dunst, is one of Hollywood’s big up and coming actors. His film credits include On the Road, Tron: Legacy, Troy, Four Brothers and Friday Night Lights.

He also appears in the short film clip for Kings of Leon’s track, Beautiful War.

Working with Jolie has been a career highlight for Hedlund.

“Within this project, she is so passionate about it,” he said. “She brings that to set every day, no matter how long the hours are she kills it. She approaches every day like she is in the film and she loves to explore how you can personalise this and how you can show the pain or beauty of these men under horrible circumstances.”


Garrett Discusses Preparing for and Filming UNBROKEN
08 Dec, 2013


There’s being chilled out and then there’s this achingly cool actor – a man making all the right moves, in his own time.

Imagine being Garrett Hedlund. You’re 18 and have just landed in LA from your hometown in Minnesota – population 2500. You want to be an actor. You get handed a script. Then, three months later, you’re standing on the set of the $185m film, Troy.

“It was everything you could have dreamt of,” says Hedlund in a husky voice that sounds like he’s been gargling an ashtray all afternoon. “I was shooting in Malta the day my senior high school class was graduating, hanging out with Peter O’Toole, Sean Bean, Brian Cox and Brad Pitt.” As you do.

Cut to today, and the 29-year-old is 
packing for his first trip to Australia to film Unbroken, Angelina Jolie’s second directorial effort. Not that he seems particularly overwhelmed by it. In fact, if he were any more laid-back, he’d be horizontal. On how he likes to have fun: 
“I read books… you know. Whatever.” On how he stays off the tabloid radar: 
“I just try to remain… fuck, I don’t know.”

Because here’s the thing: he’s young, rich and successful, with the looks of a Brad Pitt and James Dean lovechild – the stuff gossip rags were made for. And he’s dating Kirsten Dunst. Not that he’ll admit it: “Come on, none of those questions.” 
So, really, how does he avoid the paparazzi?

“I don’t have a secret,” he shrugs. “I’ve always been pretty private. Don’t go to clubs you see people leaving in the papers, I guess?”

“I guess” – it’s classic Hedlund. But just when we think he’s entirely out of fucks to give, talk turns to Unbroken and things kick up a gear. “Now Angie is directing, I basically said I would be the caterer’s assistant on this film – I’m honoured to be a part of it.”

Based on a book of the same name, Unbroken traces the story of Louis Zamperini, an Italian-American Olympic runner who ends up in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during WWII. There he meets Hedlund’s character, Commander John Fitzgerald.

“Zamperini’s life is such a tale of strength and perseverance,” he says. “And my character’s insanely heroic as well.”

It’s true – Fitzgerald was a submarine commander whose vessel was hit by the Japanese, caught fire, sunk and landed the crew in a prison camp.

“They’ve been trying to make it for years,” explains Hedlund. “I came across the story five years ago and have loved it ever since.”

Turns out we can also add “dedicated” to the list of Hedlund attributes. The role’s seen the usually brawny actor commit to a strict routine that’s shed most of his bulk. “They have a nutritionist helping you slim down. I’ve lost about 10kg already and I’ve got five more to go before I start in a week and a half,” he says. “But to be able to pay homage to these characters, I’ll do whatever it takes.”


GQ Australia's International Man of the Year
08 Dec, 2013