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Waiting on Disney to confirm this, but Vancity Buzz is a reliable source, so it looks like we’re going back to the grid!

Tron 3 to be filmed in Vancouver this fall

The sequel to 2010’s Tron: Legacy will be filmed in Vancouver beginning this fall.

According to Vancity Buzz entertainment contributor Lindsay Barker, Walt Disney Pictures has green lighted the third film in the Tron series. Filming is scheduled to begin on October 5, 2015.

The project has been in development since the success of the 2010 film, which raked in $400 million with a $170 million budget.

At this time, only Garrett Hedlund has been confirmed to return to the cast. In the previous film, Hedlund starred as Sam Flynn, the son of the 1982 film’s original character Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) who became stuck in the Grid’s digital world for two decades. The character Quorra, a skilled Grid warrior and confidante to Kevin, was portrayed by Olivia Wilde.

A majority of Tron: Legacy was shot at Canadian Motion Picture Park in Burnaby while some ‘real world’ scenes were filmed at the Shangri-La Vancouver Hotel (ENCOM headquarters), the Lions Gate Bridge (final escape scene) and neighbourhoods in East Vancouver.

Tron 3 is not the only big budget science-fiction Hollywood blockbuster being filmed in Vancouver this year. Production for Star Trek 3 is scheduled to begin on June 1, which will involve the reconstruction of the Enterprise set within a local movie studio.


10 Mar, 2015

From The Hollywood Reporter

New York Film Fest: ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Stars Praise Coens; T Bone Burnett & Marcus Mumford Talk Music

The Coen brothers were the most-talked-about people on the red carpet at Saturday night’s New York Film Festival premiere of their latest movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, even though the mercurial filmmakers chose not to speak to the press.
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Nearly all of the actors in the film, from John Goodman to star Oscar Isaac, said the acclaimed writer-directors were what drew them to the project.

“I just jumped at the chance to work with the Coens,” cast member Garrett Hedlund told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was a phenomenal script as well, and when you see it’s a Coen brothers film, you know it’s going to be something special to say the least, the very least, the very, very much least. And when they said it’s going to be this odd guy that’s driving John Goodman around and being his valet, I [laughed] and I thought, ‘Where can I sign up?’ ”

…And Hedlund, who’s set to star in the TRON: Legacy sequel, said of that film: “Disney’s really trying to find a really great story. They have writers on that have been working all year trying to find a great story. Something to pre-vamp or re-vamp where they left off and something that’s solid. I’m excited to see what is. I know everybody else is.”

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Garrett Talks Inside Llewyn Davis and Tron 3
29 Sep, 2013

From Collider

Director Joseph Kosinski Talks TRON 3; Two Weeks Away from Draft With “Much Broader Appeal,” Still Working on Title

With WonderCon happening this weekend, Universal brought out director Joseph Kosinski to talk to a few press outlets about his sci-fi action-adventure flick Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, and out in theaters on April 19th. While we will run the full interview soon, we wanted to share what the filmmaker had to say about a third TRON film today.

Expanding on what he already told us in an interview back in December 2012, Kosinski said that it absolutely feels like Disney wants to make it happen, that he’s two weeks away from getting a draft of the script, that they’ve been working on this story since 2009, and that the story will open up the world and give it a much broader appeal. He also said that the movie will have a title that is not just TRON 3, but that it’s not officially set in stone yet.

Question: Does it feel like there really will be another TRON and that Disney wants that to happen?

JOSEPH KOSINSKI: Yeah, it absolutely does. I think I’m two weeks away from getting the draft. This is a story we’ve been working on since 2009, so that’s four years now. I’m really excited about the idea that we have for it. I think it delivers on the promise that both TRON movies have made. It opens the movie up, in a way that I think is going to give it a much broader appeal. Whereas TRON really, ultimately, in the end, catered most to TRON fans, this idea broadens it some more, in really exciting ways. But, it’s all about the script and making sure that that story is compelling enough to get all of us back together. Those movies are hard to make. It’s a two-and-a-half to three-year journey. So, to go back in there and go back to the Grid, it’s going to have to be a pretty spectacular script. We’ve got a great writer on it, so we’ll see.

Does it have a title that’s not just TRON 3?

KOSINSKI: It has a working title, yeah. TR3N will be our code name. We have an idea, but nothing is set in stone yet. We have some exciting ideas.


Tron 3 Update
31 Mar, 2013




Joseph Kosinski Says ‘TRON 3′ Will Be the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ of the Series

The fan excitement surrounding TRON: Legacy had reached critical mass by the time the movie released, filled to the brim with stunning visuals and callbacks to the original TRON. Unfortunately, the movie was not as financially successful as Disney hoped, and the previously guaranteed sequel (alluded to in viral marketing) lost much of its momentum. Oh, how the times have changed.

Now that Alan Horn is running Disney Studios, his wishes to get TRON 3 rolling have produced immediate results. Director Joseph Kosinski is now providing details on upping the scale of the film and taking the series in a brand new direction.


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More Tron 3 Details From Joseph Kosinski
14 Dec, 2012