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29 Jan, 2014

WARNING – This seems to me like there are spoilers, so read at your own risk.

From Production Weekly:

“PAN” Feature Film 12-19-13 !
4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 142, Burbank, CA 91522
PHONE: 818-954-2929 FAX: 818-977-9728
STATUS: May 2014 LOCATION: London
PRODUCER: Greg Berlanti – Paul Webster DIRECTOR: Joe Wright WRITER: Jason Fuchs
CAST: Hugh Jackman – Garrett Hedlund
WARNER BROS. PICTURES 4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91522-0001 818-954-6000

A new take on J.M. Barrie’s classic tale is an origin story that follows an orphan named Peter who is captured by pirates and brought to the magical world of Neverland, where he discovers he’s the son of a fairy prince and a slave girl and that he’s destined to save the island’s natives from Blackbeard (Jackman).

James Hook (Hedlund), a fellow orphan who was brought to Neverland as a boy and has been working as a slave there for years, dreaming of an escape. He initially plans to use Peter as his ticket back to Earth, but ultimately he grows to care for the boy and stays to fight alongside the natives against Blackbeard. Hook loses his right hand in battle but wins the heart of native princess Tiger Lily in the process.

Blackbeard, who steals orphans from all over the world and uses them as slaves to mine for pixie dust, which is Neverland’s most valuable resource. He plots to invade Earth and take over the world, but first he must defeat the natives and destroy the pixie race.

Classic sidekick Smee will be depicted as a mining slave who is Hook’s longtime friend and confidante, though he ultimately betrays him and Peter by selling out the natives’ secrets and joining forces with Blackbeard.

Other characters include Turk, Blackbeard’s right-hand man; Nibs, an orphan who is Peter’s best friend; Father Pratchett, a mean orphanage director who sells children to pirates for profit; Chief, Tiger Lily’s father who dies defending the island’s secret; Kiowa, the greatest warrior in Neverland who has been promised Tiger Lily’s affection; and Mary, Peter’s mother who gave him up for adoption to protect him before turning to fight for Neverland, where her spirit lives on.

(Release Date: July 17, 2015)

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Synopsis for PAN
24 Jan, 2014

Some links about Hook you may find interesting, plus a couple of new articles.

Read Peter Pan free online - great description of Hook in Chapter 5. “…His eyes were of the blue of the forget-me-not, and of a profound melancholy, save when he was plunging his hook into you, at which time two red spots appeared in them and lit them up horribly…”

Disney Villains Re-imagined – Fanart – Hook is 4th from the top

Article about J.M. Barrie’s Inspirations for Hook

From MTV – Garrett Will Be the Sexiest Hook – well written, hard hitting article lol


From Vanity Fair – I like the focus on his career, but I don’t agree that Gwyneth overshadowed Garrett in Country Strong. The opposite actually occurred, in my opinion.

Garrett Hedlund’s Movie Star Moment Has Finally Come

You probably haven’t paid much attention to Garrett Hedlund at this point. Most of his career thus far has been designed so you wouldn’t. His breakout role was as the generically handsome avatar lead of the glossy and empty Tron: Legacy, overshadowed at every turn by a CGI-de-aged Jeff Bridges; before then he was the young handsome guy overshadowed by Brad Pitt in Troy, by Gwyneth Paltrow in Country Strong, by Lindsay Lohan in Georgia Rule. Hollywood cycles through one or two of these hunks every year; Hedlund seemed destined to cash that giant Tron paycheck and drift to direct-to-DVD in a few years.

But since Tron, seemingly embarrassed by the whole thing, Hedlund has made exactly two, very good, movies, both of them requiring him to sit behind the wheel of a car and smolder. First as the mercurial Dean Moriarty in the underseen On the Road, then as the near-silent, improbably named road-tripper Johnny Five in Inside Llewyn Davis, Hedlund turned out to be fantastic. By taking a few steps back and sitting still, Hedlund brought out a charisma and screen presence not evident when he was anywhere near a lightcycle. Now big-budget stardom seems to be calling him again—and this time, he’s probably ready for it.

The word at Deadline is that Hedlund has been offered the role of Captain Hook in the big-budget adaptation of Peter Pan, to be directed by Joe Wright. Ignore the fact that we need another Peter Pan about as much as we need a hook for a hand, or that the logline at Deadline says Peter “becomes the savior of the natives” of Neverland. (Do we really never learn?) Wright is a great director, Captain Hook is a great role, and with Hugh Jackman and Javier Bardem also rumored for parts, Hedlund will be forced to up his charisma game; everybody wins.

Pan is just one part of a fleet of classic, public-domain-available adaptations coming our way in the wake of the billion-dollar-earning Alice in Wonderland phantasmagoria and last year’s half-billion-earning Oz: The Great and Powerful. Disney is taking two more swings with this year’s Maleficent and next year’s Cinderella; Godzilla is making a comeback this year, and, of course, there’s an Alice in Wonderland sequel coming. It’s getting noisy and childhood-trampling out there, but Pan at least has a story ripe for reinterpretation (seriously, let’s work on this Native American caricature business), and Wright, whose past two films, Hanna and Anna Karenina, took old stories to swoony, dazzlingly inventive new heights. And now it has Hedlund, who has learned just how not to be worth watching in a tentpole, and now has every reason to get it right the second time.

Pan is due June 26, 2015, the release date formerly handed to Warner Bros.’ massive, now-delayed tentpole Batman vs. Superman—so, y’know , no pressure.


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More on PAN and Garrett's Potential Role as Hook
23 Jan, 2014

Garrett Hedlund Hooks Lead Role In Joe Wright-Helmed ‘Pan’

Garrett Hedlund has come away with the offer to play the lead role of Hook in Pan, the new take on the J.M. Barrie classic that Joe Wright is directing for Warner Bros. This was a coveted role and it came down to Hedlund and Boardwalk Empire‘s Jack Huston (currently in American Hustle), with Ezra Miller from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower also in the mix. The script is by Jason Fuchs, and Greg Berlanti is producing under his Berlanti Productions banner, and Sarah Schechter is overseeing for Warners. In Fuchs’ script, an orphan is taken to the magical world of Neverland, where he becomes the savior of the natives and leads a rebellion against evil pirates. Hugh Jackman reportedly will play Blackbeard, the captain of the bad guys, and Javier Bardem has also been mentioned for that role. Warner Bros has set a June 16, 2015, release date for the 3D-shot film.

Hedlund starred in Tron Legacy, and more recently in Inside Llewyn Davis and plays a big role in the Angelina Jolie-directed Unbroken for Universal Pictures. He’s repped by WME.


The movie is set to be released on June 16, 2015.

Garrett to play Hook in "Pan"
22 Jan, 2014