ON THE ROAD KRISTEN SAM GARRETT INTERVIEW (Video) -The cast of On The Road sits down with Screenslam in an interview to talk about the setting of the movie. Kristen Stewart speaks of her nostalgia for the time frame as Garrett Hedlund talks about how people were so much more free in the past and get to live in the moment. The music and the culture constructed people to feel and live freely instead of living in fear from all that was going on with WWII.

”I’m totally nostalgic for a time that I’ve never been in.” – Kristen Stewart

“It deals with everything you still yearn for, just the times have changed. It’s not as free as it was.” – Garrett Hedlund

“I think as people get older they like to romanticize that when they were young they were more rebellious and something or that the youth of today are not going to have any morals or be corrupt.” – Sam Riley


22 May, 2012

ON THE ROAD KRISTEN SAM GARRETT INTERVIEW (Video) – Kristen Stewart, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund sat down exclusively with Screenslam to talk about their upcoming drama On the Road. The cast share the challenges they had to conquer in order to become their characters. They spoke about having to take what they learned about the characters and apply it to their acting without letting it get in the way of their performance. Stewart compares her earlier role of playing Joan Jett in The Runaways to her role in On The Road as Marylou.

“It’s not for everyone, which is kind of the heart of the story. They’re not necessarily going to be able to roll with every crowd. I don’t find them to be rebellious. I think they’re just really truly being who they are, and they don’t fit in. ” – Kristen Stewart

“To be able to play characters that are ridding of inhibitions and fears, we have to try to rid of our inhibitions and fears while trying to achieve a hard sort of goal at the end of the obstacle.” – Garrett Hedlund

“Each of us did our own research as much as possible. At the end of the day you have to take in everything about what you understand from their personalities that we’ve heard from the experts and things and then you also have to then leave that behind to some extent so that it doesn’t become a burden.” – Sam Riley


Screenslam's OTR Interview - Part 1 of 5
21 May, 2012

OTR cast interview with CP by RobstenDreams

I haven’t had time to compare, but this is another video of the same interview and it’s a little longer:

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OTR Cast Interview with Garrett, Sam Riley & Kristen Stewart
20 May, 2012

I found this when I was googling to see if there was any information about the script. This makes it sound even better than the initial press release. – Laura


Story centers on a man who’s estranged from his family and receives word that his father has chosen to take his own life in less than 48 hours.

Plot outline

Jonathan returns home for the first time in 5 years. He returns in order to console his dying father, Robert, who wants nothing more than to be surrounded by his family before he asks his doctor to unplug his life support. Frustrated and saddened by the inevitable death of his father and confused by his broken relationships with his sister and ex-girlfriend, Jonathan must learn to cope, to mourn and to ask for forgiveness. In the midst of fixing relationships from his past, he also finds a kindred spirit in Meredith, a young girl of only 17 – who is dying of bone cancer. Though faced with scary future, Meredith is able to offer friendship that Jonathan stopped offering to his own family. Though torn apart by distance, Jonathan’s family must come together and move past their differences in order to console one another, grow individually and mourn the death of their beloved father.


'Lullaby' Synopsis
19 May, 2012

This was translated by google translate by @kstewangel. I went through and made a few tweaks, but I’m not positive I made the right ones lol.  Le Monde also posted a slide show of the pictures of Garrett from the road trip and his screentest, complete with narration by Walter (in French). You can view that slide show HERE.


THE LAST TIME we saw them all three, two boys and a girl were on the porch of a plantation. They got into the Hudson in 1947 and disappeared under the trees of the avenue. It was September 2010, New Orleans, filming of On the Road had already lasted three months. They still remained the same, to travel from Mexico to San Francisco, via Canada .

A year and a half later, Garrett Hedlund , Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart found themselves in the harsh light of Los Angeles . This is the first meeting of the trio for months, yet it seems that filming has just finished . They escape from the studio, where they posed for photographer Steven Pan, to go smoke on the sidewalk. Their physical complicity is intact, the same as that bound them on the bench in the Hudson on American roads. Their way of speaking of the movie is not that of the actors constantly rehashing the same elements of language imposed by media coaches. In their stories, their thoughts, rather means the echoes of a shared experience that shaped them. Under the auspices of St. Jack Kerouac, edited by Walter Salles, they had another idea in the world of cinema .

May 23, they will be in Cannes for the world premiere of On the road , directed by Walter Salles , based on the novel by Jack Kerouac , the founding work of the Beat Generation . Brazilian director took over in 2004 of the inspired text of trips across the United States in the late 1940s, published in 1957. It took eight years to complete the film safely, without renouncing to anything, especially not to the three young actors whom he had chosen at the outset, although in the meantime one of them became a star.

For decades Hollywood wondered what faces might take Dean Moriarty, Sal Paradise and Marylou, the trio on the road , as Kerouac modeled from nature. Moriarty is Neal Cassady, the boy who had spent “a third of his youth in reform school, third in pool halls and third in public libraries”, as he likes to remind Walter Salles. Paradise is Kerouac himself, the immigrant Quebec, son of a laborer in Massachusetts. And Marylou is LuAnne Henderson , the girl who fled her family out of love for Cassady, and for freedom.


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M Magazine - Translated OTR Article
19 May, 2012