Garrett Hedlund’s Postcoital Offer to Steve Buscemi Was Rejected

At Cannes, we wrote about the refreshingly sexy elements at play in On the Road — including a free-spirited, topless Kristen Stewart — but there was one moment in the adaptation of the Jack Kerouac classic that probably deserved a little more ink than we gave it: the scene where a nude Garrett Hedlund vigorously bangs 54-year-old Steve Buscemi. “I don’t know how honest I can be about this,” laughed Hedlund when we caught up with him a few days after the film premiered. “I did feel ridiculous because after [shooting it], I asked him if he wanted to have a cigarette. And he said no! He had always asked me for cigarettes before — ‘Hey, man, can I bum one of those?’ — and after the scene, I was like, ‘Hey, you wanna have a cigarette?’ And he said, ‘Uh, I’m good.'”

It was an unexpected cinematic moment for sure, but a controversial one, too: Some of the people we talked to felt that the scene was a notably negative one in such a sex-positive picture, since Sam Riley’s worshipful Sal Paradise (a character based on Kerouac himself) begins to lose respect for his best friend, Hedlund’s Dean Moriarty (based on real-life Beat figure Neal Cassady), after he prostitutes himself to Buscemi. And since it’s the only explicitly gay moment in the film — despite the fact that the Beats had plenty of man-on-man intermingling, and another male character claims to have slept with Moriarty — there were some questions about the moviemakers’ intentions.

Still, Riley cautioned that Sal’s reaction is the opposite of homophobic. “I think there was perhaps an element of jealousy there,” he told us. “I know in real life, [Kerouac and Cassady] are supposed to have ‘done it,’ but I don’t think very often … from my understanding, it only happened once or something. That relationship is a strange mix of admiration and competition, of jealousy and brotherly love and an attraction, I think.”

In any case, it may have led to some unusual typecasting for Hedlund: He’s reportedly on the casting short list for Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, where he’d play another charismatic, nearly nude character who rents out his body from time to time.


The second article, about what book Garrett would like to turn into a movie, is beneath the cut. And no, he didn’t answer with “Catching Fire” lol.


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Two New Articles - On Proust and Postcoital Cigarettes
02 Jun, 2012

Garrett at the after party. Photo belongs to Gerald Nicosia.

Rick Dale at the Daily Beat has posted a great interview with Gerry Nicosia, the Kerouac biographer who was brought in by Walter during the Beatnik boot camp. The interview is about his reactions to seeing On the Road on the big screen, attending Cannes, and being a guest at the after party. It’s an interesting read and definitely worth checking out – Memories of Cannes: An Interview with Gerald Nicosia (including a mini-review of On The Road)

Here’s an excerpt from his review of the film:

Garrett Hedlund’s performance as Neal is simply great—unless Sir Lawrence Olivier comes back from the grave to make a surprise appearance, Garrett should get an Oscar for that performance. Finally, we have a Neal Cassady on the screen who is not a caricature. His performance is nuanced in every way. Yes, he is sex-mad, his body moves as if plugged into a thousand-volt line, but we also see a vulnerable Neal, a lonely Neal, a pained and anguished Neal, a profoundly needy Neal (shades of Brando in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE), and a tender Neal. We see a man with a big hole of loss at the center of his life, which is how it was in real life for him. Salles focuses on his missing father (because you can’t focus on a lot of different things in a two-hour movie), but Neal was equally traumatized by the absence of a mother for almost his entire life. When Jack finally rejects Neal at the end, it will have a lot of people crying—not an emotion we expect to get from Neal Cassady.


The Daily Beat's Interview with Gerry Nicosia About Cannes & OTR
02 Jun, 2012

The first one is a scan from the newest issue of People Magazine and was taken at Cannes.

And the second is from the second unit road trip.


Two New Pictures
02 Jun, 2012

When they stopped in Nashville, Garrett’s friend, Travis Nicholson, joined the road trip. Travis was Garrett’s assistant on Country Strong and had a small part in the movie as a stagehand.

Na Estrada posted another picture from the road trip from the collection Walter gave them. They have Travis identified wrong and I just verified with Garrett that I wasn’t going insane and it’s really Travis lol.

One more exclusive picture from Walter Salles’ collection. Every time that the Hudson’s engine had a problem, the OTR second unit crew had to make it work and, either learn to fix the car at all costs or wait for the tow. In this difficult times, the production assistant Travis McAfee Nicholson grabbed his guitar and entertained the crew playing Neil Young covers. In the picture, Travis and Garret. Picture by Walter Salles.


Road Trip Picture of Garrett and Travis
31 May, 2012

Rising in Cannes:
The 13 Standout Actors and Directors at the Film Festival


Cannes always has its official winners—this year’s Palme d’Or went to Michael Haneke’s Amour—yet what makes it interesting is not only its competition. It’s finding those actors and filmmakers who leave the festival on the rise. Here are a baker’s dozen of those who helped make Cannes’s 65th anniversary exciting.


Not everybody liked On the Road, Walter Salles’s nicely turned but staid adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s celebration of the search for the great It, but almost everyone loved Garrett Hedlund’s (above right) performance as Dean Moriarty, the charismatic, sociopathic, lady-and-lad killer whose free spirit makes him an über-Beatnik. After being caught in clunkers like TRON: Legacy and Country Strong, he wowed Cannes audiences with a manly physicality and rich baritone so rare in young American actors. (He could be the next Heath Ledger.) As one Hollywood-wise L.A. critic said, “He’ll be getting roles off this performance for years.”


Source via @purplefair  – Kristen was also named one of the breakout performances.

Vogue Names 13 Standout Performances From Cannes
30 May, 2012